Features a Website Audit Tool Used by Digital Marketing Agencies Must Have

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A digital marketing agency’s success is measured by the success of its clients. Every good digital marketing agency ensures its clients are ranked well by search engines and traffic to their sites is plentiful. While digital agencies are commonplace today, digital agencies that add value to clients and can be trusted to deliver are rarer. One of the most important ways digital marketing agencies help clients prosper is by providing them the right website audit tool.

Ads Optimiser is an exceptional digital marketing agency because it understands how to use the best website audit tool to deliver superior value. While the website audit tool used by Ads Optimiser is essential for every digital business- before it’s possible to understand why- one must learn what features every good website audit tool should have.

A good audit tool must be able to scan with great depth; meaning it must scan test pages, subdomains, and of course all other pages. Such a scan must be performed in exquisite detail making it possible to see which pages require immediate attention and which pages are better or well optimised.

The website audit tool used by Ads Optimiser not only performs an in-depth scan that meets every criterion but also allows users to set the scanning speed and depth. This means users can define which pages to audit, and what rules to follow during a scan such as following or ignoring robot.txt rules. Users may define the number of pages to audit and specify which events be treated as errors. If these features weren’t enough, Ads Optimiser’s audit also provides SEO services based on data collected using its own technology. Because its data collection technology is so sophisticated, Ads Optimiser is able to provide superb SEO services.

It’s also important for a website audit tool to provide a dynamic analysis and comparative data. This is another area where Ads Optimiser’s website audit tool excels. It allows Ads Optimiser to reveal to clients how much progress has been made using objective metrics like dynamic analysis and comparative data. Such data is useful to help clients measure performance and plan for the future.

Ads Optimiser skill with audit tools makes it a leading digital marketing company in India allowing it to drive traffic to client’s sites successfully.

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